Trade Mentors Model


Trade Mentors, Inc is a registered 501c3 public charity whose stated purpose is to help aspiring young men and women learn and work a trade to live a higher quality of life as well as give opportunities to those who have working knowledge and a want to pass on their knowledge by being a mentor. An opportunity to give is often just as much a benefit as what the recipient receives. Trade Mentors, with your generous donations, helps make this possible and makes it thrive.


Trade Mentors first starts recruiting mentors. These are men and women who are currently working or have recently retired from working a trade. We make a note of their availability and what their particular trades are and their expertise level. Then we find aspiring young men and women who want to pursue a career working their particular trades. We make sure they have the ability and motivation to get the education necessary. Beyond that we look at need. Put this all together and the mentoring process can begin.


We require a plan of action from both sides; the mentor and the student. We monitor the progress and the final results. Additionally, we find out what other resources are necessary and the ones that would benefit and the board makes a determination on what can be gifted.


Your donations are critical in this process. You make the whole thing work. Volunteers do most of the work but funds are necessary for certifications and equipment, books and supplies.