Skills for Life



There are many skills one needs to learn to live a successful life. And besides learning the particulars of a trade, to be successful at that trade, you need life skills to go with it. A potential tradesman needs to be able to conduct him or herself in a professional manner. He or she needs interpersonal skills and other skills that blend working the trade and life. Schools that teach trades don’t usually teach life skills too. That’s where mentors can come in. With real life experience and one-on-one teaching, everything that needs to be known to have a successful trade (and life) can be taught and mastered.


A mentor is more than just a teacher. There’s more of an interest in the success in the recipient that is normally seen. With Trade Mentors this is important. It’s about giving and with your generous donations, the giving can be more impacting. The mentors aren’t alone in the success of who they’re teaching. We all help.

Help our mentors be able to teach more than their trade. Give them the resources to teach the life skills necessary to be success in their trade and in life.

Trade Mentors, Inc is a registered 501c3 public charity whose stated purpose is to help aspiring young men and women learn and work a trade to live a higher quality of life as well as give opportunities to those who have working knowledge and a want to pass on their knowledge by being a mentor. An opportunity to give is often just as much a benefit as what the recipient receives. Trade Mentors, with your generous donations, helps make this possible and makes it thrive.