Learn and Give



When you learn, you receive, and we all know that it is better to give than to receive. At Trade Mentors you have the opportunity to give. What do you give? What you have received. You received an education. You received skills. You learned a trade. You either received an education from a trade school or you learned from an apprentice.


It’s important to give back to what you have learned and benefited from. Since a lot of the skills that led you to prosperious lives is not obtainable by a lot of people, it’s giving back to those individuals that will benefit the most. Trade Mentors is set up to do just that.
Trade Mentors gives you can opportunity to give. It gives you can opportunity to give to those who not only need trade skills the most but those who are most eager to learn. That’s the secret. Trade Mentors finds those in need and also want to improve, to learn. Usually those who are eager find mentors, but often are not able. Trade Mentors can find mentors and those who want to learn and bring them together. And with your generous donations, give them the resources to exceed where they cannot on their own.


Your donations help individuals get an opportunity to give back where it will be most beneficial and then to those most in need and most eager to learn. Your donations also help us obtain the resources to teach in a practical way and to give the tools to further advance the education. With Trade Mentors, we all win.

Trade Mentors, Inc is a registered 501c3 public charity whose stated purpose is to help aspiring young men and women learn and work a trade to live a higher quality of life as well as give opportunities to those who have working knowledge and a want to pass on their knowledge by being a mentor. An opportunity to give is often just as much a benefit as what the recipient receives. Trade Mentors, with your generous donations, helps make this possible and makes it thrive.