The Trades, Trade Skills


The trades are skilled work. To do them they take an education, often a state certification is required. They take effort to learn and perform. As a result, they pay well. For someone who doesn’t come from means or doesn’t have access to an advanced education, working a trade is a way to a better life. Often though those without means or access to education can’t get the resources to learn a trade and the certification requirements to become a tradesman. That’s where Trade Mentors comes in. Mentors can provide some of the education necessary to learn and get certified in a particular trade. They can help direct and guide the donee on how to end up in the trade that best fits them.

Trade Mentors recruits mentors and finds recipients and joins them together. By donating to Trade Mentors, you help this happen and also provide additional resources to both the mentors and recipients. Mentors need various equipment and books to teach, especially in the trades. Recipients need costly certification to get a license to perform the trade. Mentors volunteer and their work is never paid. We try not to have recipients pay anything, but that’s sometimes necessary. The more donations we receive, the less this is necessary.

Trade Mentors, Inc is a registered 501c3 public charity whose stated purpose is to help aspiring young men and women learn and work a trade to live a higher quality of life as well as give opportunities to those who have working knowledge and a want to pass on their knowledge by being a mentor. An opportunity to give is often just as much a benefit as what the recipient receives. Trade Mentors, with your generous donations, helps make this possible and makes it thrive.